We are ready to go LIVE!!!

With a lot of help (LOTS OF HELP --- this is a picture of Sophia, my youngest, {everyone wore orange for her in November} --- now acting as my producer) I am ready to go live tomorrow:

Monday March 23rd, 10:00 AM

The first class will last about an hour. My goal is to quickly move to several hours of Tai Chi at many different levels everyday. Tomorrow will be a "live test" meaning there will be several unexpected bugs. We will work through them together and get through it. I have already spent a lot of time testing (see thanks below).

I will also be using YouTube "chat" to get messages back from you. Sophia will be monitoring those chats as we run live. You can use that to ask me questions or if I need to clarify something. My plan right now is to run through the chat and follow up on any unanswered questions. I will also leave the chat window open afterwards so you can chat among one another. If you have suggestions to improve the stream probably emailing me is the best way to get back to me.

I am using YouTube as my streaming platform. My channel is

Tai Chi with Craig Miller You can go to YouTube and search for Tai Chi with Craig Miller. Once you are on the channel you can subscribe to it. This will make it easier to get back to it and also notify you when a new video is up and working.

Even easier is to click the link below (or my channel name above is the same link). When you click the below link it will open up a new window taking you directly to my new channel.

Link is:

A few more thank you's (Chinese --- she she).

  • My wife Robin - I have spent part of our vacation, and a lot of time since I have been back from our vacation and pretty much every moment of this weekend preparing for this. I have also taken over our dining room, and part of the adjacent music room. I have burned up some spousal points!!! PLUS she is also a first responder, a nurse with Mercy, who knows what she will be dealing with during the upcoming weeks. I ask you please keep her and all of her associates in your prayers. Everything indicates they are going to be overwhelmed with people very soon.

  • My daughter Sophia who will be my producer, behind the controls helping me out.

  • My daughter Jessica who hasn't been feeling well but has been pitching in when she can

  • My "streaming advisers" --- Michael (he produces the videos for the APDA), Chots (A student of mine who helped me do a lot of set up today), Cindy (a long time humble student to Tai Chi who has become a dear friend of mine and helped me get the lighting to look as great as it does), Dave (high school friend of mine who specializes in photography), Jimmy (friend of Jessica who is a "techie" and a nice guy)

  • You guys! -- Many of you have been sending me words of encouragement and it really has helped me put all of this together. I received an email from Charles today that made it to me at exactly the right time. Charles also has a great way of remaining thankful during these tough times that I am going to share with all of you tomorrow

A word about streaming

I chose YouTube because it is on a lot of platforms. You can get YouTube on your phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, Firestick) and some BluRay (DVD) players. If you are using a phone or tablet it is best to use the application to watch YouTube, go to PlayStore or Apple Store and download the YouTube app for free). On your computer click the link above. On your smart TV or streaming device the YouTube app may already be there, if not you can probably download through one of the PlayStore of Apple Store. A lot of DVD players have the YouTube app in the root menu (usually seen at power up).

It is best to stream through a high speed internet connection. Using your smart phone connection may not be fast enough and will eat up your data time. It is also a good idea to make sure the other members of you family are not using data rich connections (movie, gaming etc). If the picture is "stuttering" or pausing you need to check you connection speed or check on who else is using the internet.

If you miss the live stream, you can catch it again by going back to the channel and pulling up the video.

What YOU can do

I have always felt of Tai Chi students as my extended family (and I'm a family man). When I stand in front of a class before it starts and see all of the bonding (also known as talking) that takes place it warms my heart. I will continue to give you trouble about it, but it is an honor to see the interactions taking place. I truly believe there is a bond that forms when you have a group of people all working together doing Tai Chi. Whether you know it or not you are giving off Qi to your fellow students.

So please call your fellow students, your Tai Chi family, and let them know about this opportunity. I'm trying to reach out to everyone, but with about 150 students that's a lot of points on contact. If you can help me spread the word that would be wonderful. You can also reach out to your neighbors, friends and family to let them know they can do Tai Chi with you.

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