On Line Classes Coming Soon!!!

I'm excited to roll out on line classes coming early next week. I'm working on all the details right now.

As I explained in my last post there is an even greater reason to be doing Tai Chi during these extraordinary times. I have been looking for a way to stay in touch with my students and give them a way to "step up" their Tai Chi. I think moving to online teaching is going to be the best way to achieve that. I am still working on a way to reach those people who don't have computer/internet access.

I'm working on rolling this out (actually I was working on this while on vacation). My present plan is to use YouTube as my platform to get classes to you. I have been doing some testing and am waiting on a few pieces due in tomorrow to continue testing. I will continue to test over the weekend and am planning on doing a "live" test on Monday. By a "live" test we will still be working out the bugs --- so it may not be pretty. I ask for your patience as I work through process.

We are in a constantly changing situation. As of now I'm trying to set it up so there will be multiple classes everyday with multiple levels of Tai Chi everyday. I'm going to try to cover

  • Seated Tai Chi

  • Standing Tai Chi

  • Blended Classes

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Shibashi

  • Seated Shibashi

  • Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

  • Meditation

  • Sun 73

  • and more

I have set up a YouTube channel named Tai Chi with Craig Miller. I will give you instructions on how to get to YouTube at a later time. If you already know how to access YouTube you can check out some of my test videos. You can also subscribe to this channel so you will be notified when new videos are posted. Be aware that I will be posting additional test videos over the weekend. I will be adding camera and lighting tests over the weekend (we will see how that goes).

Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel can use it. Tai Chi is meant to be shared.

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