In a World that has gone CRAZY.....

We must keep peace around ourselves. We can choose to remain calm. We can choose to not get caught up in the chaos. We can do that with Tai Chi.

I have been out of town with my family since the start of the weekend (no we didn't go to Italy or China), and boy has a lot changed!!! So much for a relaxing vacation. For those of you who don't know I will tell you about the Hippo in the chair some other time.

This is a unprecedented time for all of us. We hear the word crisis to describe what is happening. The Chinese have two symbols that make up the word crisis. One of the symbols by itself means "Danger" the other means "Opportunity". I look at this time now and see the duality of what the Chinese symbols mean. There is defiantly danger in these current times, especially if you are older and/or your immune system is compromised. But -- There is also opportunity during these times. Lots of opportunities to reconnect with your family, read that book you have been putting off and of course work on your health. My daughter sent me this Facebook post.

During this time I'm trying to look at the opportunity. In past blogs I have talked about how Tai Chi boosts the immune system. What a great tool to use during these times. I have been talking to my classes last week reminding them about how Dr. Lam spoke about his immune system getting stronger when he started Tai Chi. I spoke about my own immune system getting stronger after I started doing Tai Chi. There have been a lot of studies done focusing on how Tai Chi boosts our immune system.

  • Boston 2007 - Tai Chi groups immunity was almost double of the control group

  • Wisconsin 2012 - Tai Chi reduces chance of getting a cold 40 - 50%. The control group had 51 fewer sick days during one cold and flu season

  • Virginia - Swim team members got 70% fewer respiratory infections when practicing QiGong once a week

  • Dutch study, average age 70 - Those who practiced Tai Chi 3 times a week, after 15 weeks not only did they feel healthier but has twice the number of T-cells (helper T-cells are required for almost all immune responses)

  • Britain - Tai Chi produces a significant increase in T-cells (both helper and suppressor)

  • UCLA - Tai Chi boosts immune system in older adults. Practicing Tai Chi alone boosted the immune system to a level comparable to having received a vaccine for the shingles virus

  • Prevention Magazine 2011 - "To keep sick days at bay, trade your vitamin C in for a dose of Tai Chi. It's cheaper, more effective (revving up your body's disease-fighting defenses by as much as 47%) and even triples the protection you get form the flu shot.

My veterans have heard me say many times when you are sick is when you need to do more, not less Tai Chi. When you are stressed out or feeling your immune system is weak don't say "I do Tai Chi as soon as I feel better". NO! That is the time to do more Tai Chi to get better! Now is the time to do more Tai Chi!!! More Tai Chi, QiGong and meditation equals a stronger immune system! How strong do you want your immune system right now? The choice is yours. My challenge to you is for you to practice Tai Chi, QiGong and Meditation MORE than the 20 in 2020.

In my next post (tomorrow or Friday) I'm going to tell you how I'm going to help you do that!

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