Day 1 --- Success!!!

It looks like Day 1 is a success!!! We started with 12 viewers and ended up with 32 and as Nicole said, some of those views has two people watching them, not just one. I appreciate all of the constructive criticism and thoughts of ways to improve/enhance. They were all pretty much small things. As I write this just after lunch on Monday there has been 74 views of the stream!!! WOW! I am humbled by your dedication.

I appreciate all of the encouraging notes and your telling me the ways today's lesson has helped you. You guys are the reason I am doing this.

Tuesday's schedule is:

10:00 AM One Hour Extended Breathing, Seated Tai Chi (warm ups, Qigong)

11:15 AM One Hour Breathing, Warm Up (with reminders of key points), QiGong and Tai Chi for Arthritis (with instructions, then run through of the form)

I will do my best to stick to the schedule, but you know how I am --- sometimes I get the urge to go off in one direction. Although that might not happen as much with this format. Hard to "feel" the energy of the room when we are in different places.

I am using YouTube as my streaming platform. My channel is

Tai Chi with Craig Miller You can go to YouTube and search for Tai Chi with Craig Miller. Once you are on the channel you can subscribe to it. This will make it easier to get back to it and also notify you when a new video is up and working.

Even easier is to click the link below (or my channel name above is the same link). When you click the below link it will open up a new window taking you directly to my new channel.

Link is:

Please continue to reach out to your fellow classmates and encourage them to join the stream! It is also a great idea to share with family and friends. Usually it is best to get them started with a beginner session, let them learn the warm up exercises to start with.

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